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Complete plug and play replacement LED Light for the Left-Hand or Right-Hand Headlight on Bobcat skid steers.

Save yourself time and money with LED Lights that are IP68 rated so that no dust will get in your light and your light can be fully and continuously submerged in water, but there will be no side effects. These lights have filters that will eliminate unwanted radio and electromagnetic frequencies from external sources. Their die-cast aluminum housing/heatsink gives them long-lasting durability for a high quality and long service life. Aluminum housing is specifically designed to dissipate heat away from the internal electronics, which increases light output and improves performance. This light is designed to handle any severe environmental condition.

This LED Light features a durable polycarbonate lens, it is built to be RoHS compliant, and comes with stainless steel hardware. The color of light LED's emit is near the color spectrum of the mid-day sun and allows the human eye to function and view objects better to improve your work environment.

  • Tiger Lights TL950 Light
  • 7" x 7" (W x H)
  • Flood/spot beam pattern
  • 2,500 effective lumens
  • 30 watts
  • 2.5 amp draw
  • Input voltage: 12-Volt to 24-Volt
  • Plug and play wiring for easy install
  • Includes connector
Replaces left-hand or right-hand headlight.

Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Warranty

Ideal for Bobcat Skid Steers

Bobcat Skid Steers: 751, 753, 763, 773, 863, 864, 873, 963, A220, A300, S100, S130, S150, S160, S175, S185, S205, S220, S250, S300, S330, T110, T140, T180, T190, T200, T250, T300, T320

Replaces Bobcat Part Numbers: 7259523, 7259524, 6718042, 6718043

Please Note: Image shows a pair of lights, but light is sold individually, not as a pair. Must order two lights to replace both headlights. PN: 2713 will fit the left-hand or right-hand headlight.
Price: $180.00
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