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KM T-Post Stepper™

The KM T-Post Stepper™ is a practical tool for hunters, ranchers, land surveyors, off-trail hikers, backpackers, campers and any outdoorsmen who may need to climb over t-post fencing. We can offer you a lightweight tool that easily allows you to cross over any t-post fence safely with just the simple attachment of the T-Post Stepper to the t-post stud. By adding this tool to your gear, you will eliminate wasted time spent searching for a gate, and any risk of injury you many encounter when crossing under or between barbed wire because you don’t have a better solution. The KM T-Post Stepper™ will ensure you get over all standard t-posts quickly and safely.

  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • 8" x 2.125" x 1" (W x H x D)
  • Weighs 8 ounces
  • Made to be small and compact for easy storage
  • Features a durable, weather-resistant 2-in-1 design camo nylon holster that also serves as a protective grip when passing over t-post
  • A slot on the bottom of the step quickly and securely attaches to a t-post stud making it safe and easy to use
  • Step over t-post fencing is 4 easy steps - 1. Attach, 2. Step Up, 3. Lift Over and 4. Step Down
  • Includes Safe Usage Guide
All Standard T-Posts
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KM T-Post Stepper™
Price: $20.00
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